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The secret to great blog topics

The Secret to Great Blog TopicsWhat makes some blog topics better than others? Why do some blog posts get tons of attention while others are practically ignored?

To a blogger, this is a critical question because the answer leads to more blog readers which in turn leads to achieving the goal of your blog, whether that's sharing your knowledge, attracting customers and clients, or making money

What's the secret to great blog topics?

If you've been struggling to get more blog readers, then keep reading because there is a secret to writing blog posts that get tons of attention from both people and search engines:

Supply and Demand

That's right. As with most things, supply and demand is key. When it comes to blog topics, you're looking for what I call "juicy" keyword phrases that are:

  • Being searched for by a lot of people (high demand); but
  • Have not been written about by a lot of other bloggers (low supply/competition).

The key here is to not get lost in all the mumbo jumbo. You don't need to know much about search engine optimization (SEO) or keywords at all. In fact, keywords really don't matter much anymore.

What does matter is supply and demand. It's about using research to figure out what people are looking for (demand) while, at the same time, determining how many other marketing folks are targeting the same searches (supply).

The result? "Juicy" keyword phrases that inspire great blog topics. How does it work?

  1. "Juicy" keyword phrases are used to create in-demand blog post ideas.
  2. Then, using subject matter expertise and knowledge, those blog post ideas are used to brainstorm topics based on each.
  3. Finally, each topic is used to write and publish a great blog post.

Click here for proof that the Exposé approach works

Blog Post Ideas ExposéHelping you find great blog topics is what Blog Post Ideas Exposed is all about. When I create an Exposé, I take care of step 1 and give you a running start on step 2.

Then, using the blog post ideas I've created, the "juicy" well-researched keyword phrases that inspired each of the ideas, and your subject matter expertise, you can come up with months of great blog post topics.

Next step

If you're ready to take the first step to writing blog posts that will attract more blog readers, head on over to the Blog Post Ideas Exposé category page.

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